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    It is a procedure to correct more falling within
    the size reduction of the mammary gland


    It is a surgical procedure in which mainly solve
    the aesthetic problems of the nose such


    Cosmetic surgery of the chin allows a harmonious
    outline profile depending on the patient...

    Facial Plastic Surgery

    WORLD MEDICAL CENTER In both specialists and
    patients and families, are carefully
    designed, comfortable and with the best
    technology infrastructure, along with proper
    care, qualified, committed and capable
    clinical team.

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    This surgery is done to increase the size of
    breasts using prosthesis.


    Liposuction is a procedure indicated for people
    who have localized excess fat or for those...


    Is surgery most frequently requested in the
    Latino population.

    Body Plastic Surgery

    We are an outpatient surgery center focused
    on patient safety throughout the surgical

  • Vaser

    It is a procedure for men and women who want to
    eliminate localized fat, where there is...


    Vaginoplasty procedure designed to restore the
    lost tone vaginal muscles for childbirth or...


    Abdominoplasty or "tummy tuck" is a cosmetic
    surgery procedure used to make the abdomen...

    Intim Plastic Surgery
    and more

    During our three years of operation, WORLD
    MEDICAL CENTER has performed over 4500
    surgeries, and all these procedures
    performed successfully.

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    Best Doctors

    We count with a
    competent and committed
    human team


    Total commitment to give
    personalized treatment


    Compliance in all areas
    in accordance with our
    quality policy

    Plastic Surgery Clinic

    We are an interdisciplinary team, Which is
    available, backed up With The Necessary
    technology as well With well-designed,
    controlled and verified processes. WORLD
    MEDICAL CENTER at our users will find a
    medical, paramedic and support group of the
    highest requirements and Commitments.