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Few institutions authorized by the District Health Secretary in Bogotá. WORLD MEDICAL CENTER, is one of them, Enabled by District Secretary of Health, and certified by the same in the month of November 2010. Thus, patients who come to these centers and are serviced by unauthorized personnel in the profession will be subject to procedures, which trigger further infections, surgical complications and in some cases, unfortunately, in the death of the patient, as has been seen in different media. For all these reasons stated above, WORLD MEDICAL CENTER, an excellent alternative for procedures Plastic Surgery and Outpatient Surgery.

Contact and Advice

World Medical Center provides specialized counseling program on all our specialists and specialties, by contacting us via

Medical evaluation

They will be asked personal details and photographs for the corresponding evaluation with the specialist of your choice via email so you can check the doubts over the process of interest before making the trip.

Plan and costs

We give a warm welcome in Bogota and we start the process relevant for performing surgery. You will have a permanent and personalized assistance by our staff.


Once her recovery days suggested by the specialist you will return to your country or hometown with the commitment to continue with the post-operative duly informed recommendations from our clinic.


The World Medical Center team will be close to their recovery process for steps of postoperative evolution for 3 months after surgery, via email or phone.

See Our Specialties


Eyelid surgery is a procedure that takes about an hour and scars are completely invisible.


With aging and under the influence of gravity down all tissues eyebrow observed at a lower level in orbit.


In general the appearance of wrinkles comprising a complex process which involved cell changes, collagen alterations, hormonal losses, solar damage and others are more


Cosmetic surgery of the chin allows a harmonious outline profile depending on the patient and his features small chins are corrected by performing a raise.


Is to improve on-screen appearance of the ears in a procedure that lasts about an hour, is done under local or general anesthesia and the scar is located behind the ear is practically imperceptible.


It is a procedure to correct more falling within the size reduction of the mammary gland


It is a surgical procedure in which mainly solve the aesthetic problems of the nose such


This surgery is done to increase the size of breasts using prosthesis.


It is a procedure to correct more falling within the size reduction of the mammary gland.


Mastectomy involves removal of the entire breast.


Abdominoplasty or "tummy tuck" is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to make the abdomen thinner and more firm.


Is surgery most frequently requested in the Latino population.


It is a procedure for men and women who want to eliminate localized fat, where there is excess or who want to mold the figure in specific places and are in optimum health.


Liposuction is a procedure indicated for people who have localized excess fat or for those who want to mold the figure in specific places

Laser Surgery

Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control and involves a significant psychological and social impact and can severely affect the lifestyle of the patient.


In laparoscopic hysterectomy, a laparoscope is used to guide the surgeon during the procedure.


Vaginoplasty procedure designed to restore the lost tone vaginal muscles for childbirth or aging

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