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It is a surgical procedure in which mainly solve the aesthetic problems of the nose such as bone hump, the bone protruding from the back of the nose like a hump, deviations to the right or left of the entire nose and birth defects as sequelae of cleft lip and palate and other genetic factors and lessons in life from injuries and diseases.

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Meet our Rhinoplasty Specialists

Daniel Martinez

Plastic Surgeon, Reconstructive, Esthetic

Medical Surgeon graduate of the Catholic University of Santa Maria in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery (SCCP). He completed his Fellowship in Breast Surgery.

Jennifer Gaona

Plastic Surgeon, Reconstructive, Esthetic

He completed his postgraduate studies at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. During his training he had the opportunity to work actively in different hospitals in the US as in the TIRRSCH MEETH

Fernando Vega

Plastic Surgeon, Hand, Maxillofacial, Reconstructive

He studied at the Plastic Surgery Clinic of San Rafael Bogota. Additionally, he made special rotations in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Niteroi and Santos (Brazil), including studies do Centro Ivo

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